Service Introduction บริการของเรา

Phone Collection Service

ACSS provides a complete range of debt collection service with a proven track record in collection performance.

ACSS is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced management team in debt collection service. We have manpower capacity of more than 1,100 staffs in head office and 3 collection centers to operate collection activities in ACSS way in order to address requirement in each client’s segments i.e. credit card, personal loan, hire purchase, and etc.

ACSS’s collection system is designed and implemented with security of information as an importance, segregation of duty, and authority’s level to access information to ensure highest level of information security.

ACSS’s staffs are required to attend debt collection training to understand the process of debt collection, collection practice in each type of debt in order to achieve client’s target.

Moreover, we operate collection by phone in parallel with field service for greater efficiency of collection result.

• Types of debts to be collected


  • Credit Card
  • Personal Loan
  • Car Hire Purchase
  • Motorcycle Hire Purchase
  • Housing Loan
  • Leasing Obligations


  • Service fee
  • Account Receivables
  • Other Payments